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Ethan Wasiejko

United States

Message to Readers

This was written about a day ago and I really don't know where it came from... I saw a picture of a black rose and instantly started writing. I would love you feedback, edits, and of course, your love. Thank you so much for your consideration and kindness. Enjoy!

Black Rose

February 8, 2016


Out in the meadow,
Loads of colors bright,
No darkness in sight.

She met him and they both locked in a stare,
Bursting veins from excitement within.

The heart is the center of everything,
This you must never forget.
Love comes to us when we're ready
Never mess with the game.

Out in the meadow,
Where the wind starts to blow,
Fear sets in and you
Must never let go.

The stare changed to touching
Holding hands in the snow

The brain analyzes the truth from the heart,
Making love even harder and darker and cruel.

Out in the meadow
Beyond where we can see,
There's a place that's only
Been seen in a dream. 

Holding hands moved to kissing, 
As the storm seemed to grow.

My heart, still beating, 
My lungs, still breathing,
And my soul, still gone from my body.

Out in the meadow, 
My tears still falling,
Where the storm comes to a close,

The love that they shared
Was brought back to life, 
When they found the black rose.


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