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In this country the animals
have the faces of

Their eyes
flash once in car headlights
and are gone.

Their deaths are not elegant.

They have the faces of

~ The animals in that country, Margaret Atwood

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tear it apart, please.


December 18, 2018

and i wonder...

we hold them,
with fingers,
and arms,
and place them
all around.

and we watch,
the utilities,
and the beauty,
they perhaps provide.

but what we ignore,
are the screams,
a second per atom,
as entropy pries
the pieces apart.

the groan of a chair,
the fading of a picture.
Slowly, sure as rivers
freezing over,
the whispers turn to
screams, and the

objects break.

and i wonder...

how different are we, with our bones too reduced to dust?
rushed this but whatever. no rhyme (kinda has rhythm but it's bad). I just wanted to have some nice emphasis on specific words to create mood. 


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