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i wouldn't call myself a writer
im just a kid who writes

Living in my head till the real world catches up

sc- rosej13x

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busy building a life raft of words

How long till we sink to the bottom of the sea? How long? How long? How long will we sink and it’s only you and me? How long? - how long, vampire weekend


December 14, 2018

Fear smells of sweat
It's the sound of spider legs, crawlings across your brain
It's the sound of heavy breathing in the night
And your whole body
Throb throb throbbing
as your heart works
fear is cold, damp
clinging to the folds in your clothes
fear is the taste of metal
a bitten tounge
or too many envelops licked 
fear washed through your body like an ice cold glass of water drained at three am
like December wind as the sun sinks
fear chokes you
a school tie fastened to tights round your neck
a too small tshirt forced over your protesting head
fear is the dark pressing in from the corners of your eyes
and then sound of words you can't quite make out
fear is a tight fist
crumpling your paper stomach
Into a ball 
Before chucking it in the bin.



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