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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Lover of zesty lime-green and dangerous shades of red. Adores cats and music, big on all things bright and beautiful. Still a work in progress.

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Hello you who read this line! Have you had a smile today?

Life on the Other Side

February 4, 2016

What will it be like to live on the other side? To be mainstreamly cool, smearing my lips thickly with cerise-colored lipstick until they take up half my face. To put on a golden eye shadow that dully shimmers and wear my peony-printed midnight blue dress to capture the attention of no one. To be asphyxiatingly alive, to sear a hole in the paraffin that binds us all together as we each strive to be different from one another. But truth be told, we're all unique. The 7 billion of us were all from different moulds. 


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