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November 30, 2018

A moment is all it takes to live, to find a sense of belonging. Contentment is
Laughing with your friends, and relishing in the sound of your own laughter
Thanksgiving day looking around at the dinner table and feeling the warmth radiating from the conversation, the smiles, and the family from near and far for one night
Smelling the saltwater, feeling the fresh air fill your lungs, the warmth of the sand underneath your toes traveling throughout your body, looking at a vast open sea that seems to go forever, noticing the tranquility of your mind and body
Rubbing the pages of a book filled with annotations, the paper yellowed, the spine broke, the words etched in your heart forever
The grasp of a pen between your fingers, feeling the smoothness of ink to paper, the sweet release of emotions and words clashing unto a paper, the lightness in your heart beginning and the heaviness from your shoulders evaporating
Contentment is slowing down, taking a breath, and noticing a feeling emerge in your heart and stillness starting in your mind



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