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Message to Readers

This came to me pretty quickly. I wrote it in about 5 minutes and I am kinda proud. Writing this really made me feel better. I would love to hear if it affected you and how. All suggestions are acknowledged and appreciated.


November 28, 2018

What do I feel but hopelessness for things I can not control.

Stuck in a world that remains motionless I have nothing at all.

Then it flourished in my mind, I shall have hope, for he has died.

Save me now from within, take me from this world of sin.

I give my pain to you, instantly accepted with ease.

Jesus, I shall trust in you, you have saved me from me. 
The inspiration for this poem came from a real-life contemplation. I started feeling filled with deep emotion dragging me down. The burdens of life hit me hard. Then I remembered it won't one matter one day. I was reminded that Jesus saved me from all the bad in this life, and the next. 


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