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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.

A Heart of the Flame

January 27, 2016

PROMPT: Icicle

She knows the fire well enough,
it burns and welcomes her.

She doesn't pray for relief.
She is too proud.

The flames lick and are as arrogant
as her. 
She holds her head high as skin burns,
and her hands find comfort in fists.

It is not the first time she has been caught in flames.
She was a doomed girl from a young age, 
but she was too busy surviving to follow the 
author's command to die.

The crackling of the fire is the laughter
that taunts her. 
She remembers her mother's insults and prayers.
She remembers her lover's betrayal.

She has learned to forgive herself
She has learned to forgive the fire.

She will get revenge in her own way, 
and will use the tamed flames, the ones that
fall in love with her,
to burn everything in her wake. 


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