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Of rhapsodies and suns

November 24, 2018

A rhapsody hums in my head
It reminds me I like smoking suns
It reminds me I like drowning myself
In dead flowers I place in my living room
I water them every morning
On saturdays I like
To put on my summer mask
And swim in the beach
I let the saltwater lick 
My wounds
I give piggy backs 
To certain skies
Which are loomy
And gloomy
And burn suns right through me

Let me hand you a thorny rose
My blood shall glare from its spines
If you wish, you can hurt yourself too
Or you can keep it pretty in a vase

I dance to the rhapsody 
That hums in my head
I like the feel of the wind on my tongue
But I know not what it might blow.

This poem describes the process of writing a poem.


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