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Elemental Emotions

November 23, 2018

Guilt is like a boulder,
Sitting heavily in the 
Pit of your stomach,
Refusing to move from
It's comfortable nest, 
Repeatedly antagonizing 
Your conscience,
For something you did 
Or didn't do. 

Shame is like a fire
Burning your chest,
Burning your face,
Burning your soul,
As you face your past,
Or your present, 
Or the future yet to come.

Fear is like a cold wind
Blowing down your exposed neck,
Revealing what it is you can't handle,
What it is that will bring you down,
What it is that you protect yourself from.

Disappointment is like a river
Coursing through your veins,
Pumping out Self Hate,
And Guilt,
And Shame,
And Fear, 
For it holds the elemental emotions together
And turns them into what is inevitable,
the Truth. 


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1 Comment
  • korra4life

    This is amazing!!!!! I really love the imagery that you invoke for each of the emotions. I also love how it all ties together with Disappointment and Truth. This is perfect!

    about 1 year ago