Maya Freeman

United States

You can peel back the layers, but people don't change

January 23, 2016

PROMPT: Fissure

I trusted you,
And you trusted me.
We would play, love, teach one another to be kind.
We were two peas in a pod, 
two hearts bonded by friendship. 

When people get old, 
you can see it,
the wrinkle, dark spots,
but when you peel back the layers,
you can still see past it.
People don't change.

Denial was always on earth,
it's in everyone and everything. 
So, people don't peel back the layers,
to see what is on the inside.

Well, the one I once trusted,
had now torn the hearts bonded by friendship,
into two very different people.
Because I peeled back the layers,
I saw what was truly there,
broken person,
who was hurt.

I tried to make it right,
I tried to put the layers back together,
I tried to tape back up each shriveled and broken layer,
to recreate the friend I once had.

We were cracked, broken, fractured,
because her layers feel off,
I could not fix the broken person inside of her,
people like her don't change.


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