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Stardust and Lacunae

October 8, 2018

PROMPT: Enlightenment

I heard tell of a star who glittered bright and short
who was going to go out
And of someone who reached out to catch the star as they fell:
The star was warm and sorrowful in their arms,
and they shed a thousand tears as the star said-

Did you know that there is a planet made of diamonds?

There once was somebody, somewhere,
who took in a breath and let it out
and they spoke of the stars and planets
Of black holes and an expanding universe
of a cat in a box and nuclear fusion deep in the hearts of stars
and they held somebody close and whispered-

Did you know we were once stardust?

The universe continues expanding,
growing ever more beautiful
And somewhere there is breath in an ear,
and there is one final whisper-

Did you know the universe is beautiful just the way it is?

And so we reach for the stars and call our longing poetry
Not exactly the prompt, but this is what came out.


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1 Comment
  • PurplePanache

    I watch your words dance with stars,
    Beauty cut into their tender skins,

    Did you know this piece is ravishing?

    10 months ago