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How I Singlehandedly Murdered the Stars

October 2, 2018

PROMPT: Enlightenment

Beyond the sunset, I saw them
Forlorn and despondent
I craned my neck towards at all their disconsolate little eyes:
“Describe light for me”
“Woebegone, I’ve never seen the day”
I nearly spat, they nearly fizzled to my feet
Woebegone? Woeisme!
For the sun carries a backwards light that will take you, you desolate stars, as it steals every piece of me.
‘Describe the light’; this demand cancelled any resemblance of their martyrdom.
You desolate stars, stop looking down at me, I am not your slave.
Look down upon me as the pirate, on his high horse, looks upon the siren
‘Describe the light’; Yes, I had the words to call the world beautiful and to lay it on thick, but I didn’t.
When my lover begged for me to be a poet, I laid it on thick.
When he was dark, I was the star
When red was dull, I offered him my blood
I abducted the air, ransacked the sunrays, appropriated beauty.
When my lover begged me for beauty, I became every stolen bit I could find

But I, a feeble light reflector, cannot hold the stars in the sky
When I asked myself: ‘describe the light,’
She said: everything you drain from the world.
So this was when I craned my neck towards at all their disconsolate their little eyes
In hopes, they would console my self-inflicted wounds
But all they had to say 
All. They. Had.
Was: “Describe light for me”

So, rather furious, I didn’t answer right away
Days later, I did (mostly to myself)
“I am light, I am the stars, and I will not be humbled”
Just like that, in a final heist, I stole the stars.
And in their last blink they said “no, I am the light. Don’t be mistaken, I never asked who the light was.”
“What do you want then?”
“Light was dull until you described it. I never wanted the sun, I only wanted you”
And just like that, I killed the stars.
Dawn hit me like a freight train.


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