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the girl i used to be

By: Plausible.Poems

PROMPT: Song Lines

the girl i used to be
would never have had
the courage to 
speak for herself 
in situations that
made her uncomfortable
she was afraid of 
confrontation and 
feeling her own emotions
hesitant to give an answer
to deep questions
in fear of judgement
but i am no longer her
i will no longer be her
as long as i choose
to look back everyday
and tell that girl

"I don't wanna be you anymore"

song: "Idontwannabeyouanymore" -Billie Eilish

other good songs i listened to while writing this (check them out!):
this is home- cavetown
as the world caves in- matt maltese
here- alessia cara

Message to Readers

tell me what you think :)

Peer Review

"Feeling her own emotions" because I relate to that one really well.

I think it plays the part of the author's dialogue. They use it to tell themselves that they don't want to be that way anymore. It provides an excellent, full-of-fire-and-attitude conclusion that shows just how much the author actually has come from being the previous girl :)

Reviewer Comments

This sounds so familiar :D I literally tell myself the same thing anytime I think back to how I used to be. Even how I was just a few months ago.
This poem is highly relatable to me and is also motivational for me to keep changing. Thank you for writing it and I hope that you keep writing! :DDDD