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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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Always, always always remember to see both sides of the story and you might just fill another book.

I- I When I Was Younger

September 15, 2018

PROMPT: Song Lines

I - I when I was younger
I tore across the parking lot
Out from my mother's grip
And earned myself a shouting match for sure
She'd spilt all the things that she'd bought
I'd busted my lip
Then we took a trip

Big man in small clothes,
Get a another suit, your growing young man
Mother said I was misbehaving
Needed attention, though why she'd tell him? I dunno
As soon as she left the house, a fan
Of hot air came as he yelled, raving
Mama, I need savin'

Watched out the window at night, mother didn't come
No, sent a lump in my throat
Turns out I wasn't the only boy-
And it wasn't a house, it was a fancy school - the man thought I was dumb
Cause I'd watched his mouth move and not said a word
Playing coy,
Mama likes playing coy

Idiot boy, I think that was my nick-name
I didn't care, the fat teachers were all the same
Rapped my knuckles good
Kicked my shins 'til I felt lame
Says "You'll pull through" then knocks on wood
Didn't let me have a phone
Mama, you left me alone

Made one friend
Out of twenty-four
Six to each room,
No less, no more
His name was Jimmy Heddick from Illinois
Same age as me,
Both little boys

Not one was a bad bully
They just wouldn't talk to me
See, me and Jimmy always got
Rapped on the knuckles duly
Tried to whip us into shape, run or be stung like a bee
I ran fast, but Jimmy had asthma, coughed a lot
Coughed a lot

One day we were running
In the yard
They hit Jimmy's back
And I turned and started running
Back - We weren't ruled by some fat guards
I yelled, "Let us all alone!"
And hit the fat man's head
He fell back red

Everyone turned 'round
And charged with me
We took the house
We found a phone
Mamas, take your boys home
Take your boys home.

I have no indefinite favorite song, but I love The Lumineers, and they have greatly poetic songs already. One line I chose would have to be this, but there were so many choices, know this was not easy for me. So this is from 'Ophelia' and I hope you liked this. Don't leave your children; ever. I mean, if you can afford to keep them, keep them. This poem is nothing like the song, so I suggest you check it out.


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