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15 years on this world and I still can't cook more than pop tarts.

Mother Earth's Jagged Scar

January 1, 2015

PROMPT: Fissure


A jagged scar on Mother Earth,

An unforgiving shadow,

an endless void of no return,

no man should ever dare go,

ten feet down there's no more light,

travel ten feet more,

thirty feet below there's ice,

Drop down to its core,

now you reach a hundred yards,

what ever could there lurk ?

cold and silent, dead and still,

what's that there in the murk ?

just like ocean far below,

creatures twist, change and glow,

spines grow here,

teeth grow there,

bioluminescent stare,

sliding in the freezing fog,

lurking in the death cold dark,

some places men should never go,

like Mother Nature's jagged mark





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  • WrtiterFam

    I loved this so much! The imagery in this is really expressive too. You did a really good job.

    5 months ago
  • jashabib

    This is beautiful

    about 1 year ago