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Simply Not

September 5, 2018

"To the silent ones, a poem speaks the words that fall from the eyes and ears.
I hear the sky,
I see the cry,
A poem is simply not letters and numbers."

"To the un-seeing ones, a poem brings life to the dark that lights every shadow. 
It's black that forms white,
It's black that forms sight,
A poem is simply not what you see."

"To the ones who fall on deaf ears, a poem is loud enough in it's detail.
In time i'll hear words that float and fly,
In time i'll hear the words that are truly mine,
A poem is simply not what you hear."

A poem is unique to the soul of those without what we take advantage of.
It's words,
It's sound,
It's sight.
A poem is simply not, yet altogether, quite simple.


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