I live words, I breathe words, I am made of words.

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An aspiring writer from Singapore who can't make up my mind about what I really want to write.

Hence will spew out prose or poems or plays or strange mishmashes of all three.

Or just random ramblings.

an ocean

September 5, 2018

  a poem is an ocean
a long, idling stream

it may be cold if it chooses,
​forming icicles dangling from your ears as you hear it, 
robbing you of all warmth

it may be warm and comforting,
the slow lap of waves against your feet
as you sit on the sands and bask in its warmth

it may be an unforgiving tsunami
pelting you with insults and arguments at you
and most of the times your umbrella is blown open by the wind, unable to shield yourself from it

it may be gentle waves that guide 
your lost boat to bay
that you can hold on to when you're lost

a poem is an ocean 
a long, idling stream


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