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Juliette Bentley


I am a teacher, writer and foodie. I lead a thriving RL Writer's Club and live in an incredible place of sunshine and beauty. I go under Banjodog and my published work can be found online.

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Please feel free to suggest improvements or simply comment on my work. Words need an audience and writers need to know that their words aren't lost in a void.


November 23, 2014

PROMPT: Fissure


Words cripple and cascade in blistering



The "you should have" unspoken

punctuates every civil exchange,

puncturing the membrane that might hold relationships intact.

Bitter bullets of disappointment turn inward

finding no external soft flesh to penetrate.

We will not be victims of your delusion.

Life is too complex to pretend to live another's.

And so, your head held haughtily,

cold smile hardening lips and eyes,

we ignore your glacial expression

smile and move on with another

"and so you're back..."


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