I live words, I breathe words, I am made of words.

Message from Writer

An aspiring writer from Singapore who can't make up my mind about what I really want to write.

Hence will spew out prose or poems or plays or strange mishmashes of all three.

Or just random ramblings.


June 6, 2018

To be lost is a torment 

For those whose sense of
direction fails them horribly

For those who are stuck in
a maze of nostalgia and 
sorrow, unable to find 
their way out again

To be lost is an excuse

For those who are too lazy to
find their way out of a maze of buildings

For those who refuse to admit
they spent too much time
catching forty thousand more winks
than bothering to catch the school bus

To be lost is a bane, 

To be lost is a boon. 

Book: Neverwhere

Author: Neil Gaiman


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