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A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts.


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Your writing is never wrong.
Unless you are not writing.
Then you are wrong.


November 25, 2015


What a powerful word.
Not Yet.
You haven't done it Yet.
Not Yet.
You still have the power to reach Yet
from Not Yet.
It's not failing, its Not Yet.
It means Yet is just around the corner.
I heard about this school that only gives two grades: Yet and Not Yet. I thought, what a powerful thing! By getting and F on an assignment or and a test, makes you really belive that you failed. But when you get Not Yet, it has the power to show that you did your best, but it's Not Yet. You still can reach Yet.

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  • FantasyWriter

    i don't know "yet" but yet i know your good at this

    over 2 years ago