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teenager who likes netflix, reading, and listening to music. also is too sarcastic for her own good.

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any type of feedback is very much appreciated! thanks :)


November 22, 2015


When I think of the word nostaligia, sadness comes to mind. It makes me feel like being where I am isn't really where I want to be. I yearn to be back in the places of the past instead of living in the moment. But I still love the word. 
It's so pretty, nostalgia. I remember something thrilling that happened in the past and my heart starts to beat faster. It gives me hope for tomorrow. If I had a great past how could I not have a great future?
Perhaps I like the word nostaliga because it makes me feel something. It takes me away from my daily routine, whether it be for only a few seconds or a whole night. For that period of time I am somewhere else and I am someone else, and no matter whats happening in the present, my past is always there, for comfort. 


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