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How can one explain oneself in a handful of words?
...or even a million?

I have become too old for this site...it is with much regret that I say this.

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Words are powerful.
[Don't abuse them]
Right is your writing style.
[Be unique]
Imagination is freedom.
[Can't be taken away]
Technique is learned.
Enthusiasm is inspiring!
[Even if writer's block seems to have you pinned down, you can saw around yourself and drop into something new]


Thanks so much for your reads, comments, etc. -- they're much appreciated*!

*When not malicious of course :)

[Don't you love how there are conditions for practically everything in life? Something that has no conditions from me...I'll gladly give feedback on your writing if asked!]


April 10, 2018

Just because somebody else seems better at something than you doesn't mean that you're not as good as you are at that something.
Don't lose confidence in yourself :)


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