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pretty girl

March 20, 2018

she's a pretty girl, i say
and i don't know how else to describe you

it's not that you are only pretty;
it's the exact opposite

you're too much to bring down into a couple of words
or a fraction of a sentence

they watch me expectantly,
you're dating her - is that it?

and it's not, not at all
but i can't find what to call you -

you are smart, i suppose,
but when the words leave my mouth they don't make sense to me

you're wonderful - that's something
you smile a lot and when you do you bite your tongue like that -

you hold your cat like she's the world
and when i take you to the aquarium your pink lips blow bubbles at the fish

you arrange roses at my doorstep from an ocean away
or send me books all the way from paris when you've finished reading them

or stay up till three so we can speak when i'm out of school
or envelop me in your words when i'm low

you are so many things;
and that is why it is hard to call you kind, or nice, or anything as simple as pretty
merci, jeanne. pour tout.


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