A Breath Into Silence

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March 21, 2018

The sun is in love with a fellow star,
singing praises unrequited to the empty abyss

and the sorrow is palpable, running alongside the light that is
reminding the empty darkness what it is to be alive;
even as the star flickers and fades its light travels on across time and space,
it still whispers of its love, saying 

do you see me, even across the lightyears; do you see me, even though I'm barely a glow in the distance

and the sun's time is up before the star has time to answer

and the cosmos turn on, singing their tune of wonder and sorrow to whatever might listen,
which turns out to be a satellite dish on the roof, covered in dust and dirt;

and the darkness seethes as it claims the sun for its own,
enveloping it in whispers of promises and questions;

and finally, finally, there is a whisper across the galaxy

I see you burst apart in a supernova; you are beautiful; I see you 

robert, there's something going on with this antenna



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