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If society is commodified by money, what is friendship commodified by?

September 29, 2015


What is “in” a friendship?
Just an external label?
When I need you, I meet you.
When I don’t, our connections become unknown.
When I need you, I read your messages quickly.
When I don’t, I read it only when I’m free.
Everything is commodified by money, adults love to say.
Everything is commodified by our “needs”, that is what I’ll like to say.

Our self-interest to gain, as cheap as talking with vain.
I don’t want to do things alone. Companionship.
I need help with something. Favours.
I only appreciate your presence,
when I need you as an essence.
A superficial world, where we judge and analyse.

Who’s naughty and who’s nice,
who gossip, and who is sly.
Talking shit behind your back,
talking nice in front of your dad.
We all wear a mask, don’t we?
Manipulating and using each other for free.

If we want to talk about honest sincerity,
let’s go back to being infants – happy and glee.
Our innocence already long gone and lost,
Genuine connections have becomes a fruitless cause.
We’ve created a tool to make use of one another,
The line of “real” friends already drawn further.

Our annoying differences that drives us apart,
How do we bring a balance to a past departs?
Would we rather just be acquaintances and friends?
away from all the deceits and layered perks intent.
What is in a friendship you may ask?
Self-interest I’ll say, till the very last.


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