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soft n sapphic

dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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every poem is a different style, leave me and my everchanging existence alone

a lover's butterfly dance

October 24, 2017

that serpent's femme daydream, a fatale coupe de grâce. breathtaking poison pearls in an expensive bottle of mixed, hazy addiction, her eyes holding jasmine's shimmer

trapped marbles told as the death with lips instead of a lover's butterfly dance, a little sacrifice to the rain. she was away from night, purity, washed rosé, poison tears.

selling perfume on petals

your ballerina painted like her fallen hearts

her shining art, another heartbreaking crave of roses, your kisses

 they stayed around her, like she was a mind laced with angels, cigarettes.

she's another little faith, despite their love.
from the poem "rose gold" by keaton st. james


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