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Hi guys! This is an EXTREMELY rough draft, but I wanted to publish it and get it out there so that I could get some feedback. I really love this prompt, and it is an idea that I have been playing around with. Let me know what you think, and I'll have another draft out to you guys pretty soon :)


September 2, 2015

PROMPT: Fissure

I did not hear the mirror break
But I could taste the weight of seven years
Bad luck laughing
And so I laughed,

I did not see the crack running through
But I could feel the cutting edges; sharp
Not seeing me
Instead, I saw

I did not smell my metallic tears
But I could feel you in my broken arms
Hiding in cracks
The ones that I

I did not yet draw my curtains close
But light still seems to escape my grasp; reach
To touch your skin
To know my breath,

I did not yet know pain
Or cutting glass

But I knew you
And the crack in my skin

in my lips

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