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I like to think that in an alternate universe, there is version of me who knows what they are doing.

maps can tell you more

August 3, 2017

A line that marks roads
and railtracks and mountainfolds
and pride.

Maps were meant to be used
over and over again, paper
thinned and stroked;
turned transparent through touching and attention.
They can find direction or histories of
capitals, rivers, the sepia date.

By design, daylight shines through borderlines
but never through your skin,
shapes and numbers smoothed with age
block the sun shine through
the pages.

Paper might easily alter lives, and this is 
a sign

that you too, could raise buildings like an architect or
say things written in books,
break away from the weight of paper
and make living luminous.
This poem is a reconstructed version of the poem Tissue, written by Imitaz Dharker.
You can read her poem here:


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