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This was my first poem prompt and I think I failed, despite the work and effort I put into it.
I basically jumbled all the words from the original poem to make a new one, but the meanings are similar. I guess that was the purpose to begin with. Anyway, I know it's a sucky poem, but I worked hard on it, so yeah, I'm publishing it. :)

Trees, Joyce Kilmer -- My Version

July 7, 2015

A tree is a poem that Gd made lovely;

looks at


A tree in whose leafy breast

robins shall intimately nest;

Who never prest her arms

against the earth’s bosom.


A tree, I think, lives only of snow

makes a fool of me as I see a summer rain

but in May, hungry tree has lain with Gd

and lifts mouth to pray.


A tree whose poems are flowing sweet

can wear all upon her hair like that by day.

This prompt (*challenge*) was extremely difficult, possibly because it was my first ever.

I did move the "s" from "fools" to "make" - making it "makes" and "fool".

I worked for an excessive amount of time on this, and the result is, in my opinion, only fair.

Read at your own leisure.


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