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Hiya! I hope you like my ramblings and ponderings - any and all constructive criticism is pretty much guaranteed to be met with a 'yay!' Please note British English spellings ;)

No Longer Anne Hathaway

May 2, 2015

I fell in love in the echo of his living. Dreamed his touch, scent, taste, spinning writer's romance, rhyme, verb and assonance in the shooting stars world where his laughing kisses held me upon pearls. My lover's hands played seas beneath my prose, lips dancing, touch by torchlight. Now some nights, in the other bed, I hold him on my widow's page, written words dribbling a softer earth, casket castles, cliff-tops. Best loved.


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  • Helen Grant

    *Spare words omitted in the interests of coherence. *

    almost 4 years ago