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Though My Eyes May Fail Me

April 8, 2015



I see her


It’s a photo shoot


I’m wearing my dapper black with a small gold bowtie as I look downward lamenting


Once we are done I change into my urban clothes and walk alone


I wait for the night to come to start looking up as I walk


Caressing the winding roads and side alleys


The boulevard bleeds out into the avenue


The avenue sweeps into the street


Blues, Greens, and Pinks gently glide across my face like pieces of soft linen


The light is comforting and reassuring


I am enveloped by the darkness but the neon light guides me towards civilization


Slowly I walk back


Keeping the beat of the city like a beating heart in my step


I get into the swing of things lively, robust


I kick off the concrete and float above the crowd


People stare and aw but I simply keep the beat going in my head as I smile and wave


The ideas rupture from my head like a fury in a furnace


Each stare I receive new character


Each complement a sentence


By the end of the boulevard I struggle to cool down as my head over heats


The bar off of sunset helps so I scribble down a few notes on my napkin


I keep walking and gliding as the notes keep piling and piling.


Then I stop


A green light peers out the last window on the right


I’ve always had a soft spot for Green


I peer inside


The light evades me


I see her


She is lovely in gold and black lining


The champagne radiating off her lips


I stroll inside but am informed by the waiter gliding is not allowed


I peered right, past the Japanese garden to see her table


He is laughing with her, probably at his own joke


The red he radiates suggest he is the kind of guy to laugh at his own jokes


The manger comes over to tell me to come down but there is no struggle


My high is mellowed and my head is cooled


My feet rejoin the earth with a light thump


The green light latches onto my back but seeps away in a fog the farther away I get


In the end I am back where I started



I am enveloped by the darkness but the neon light calls me towards civilization


I turn away


I walk slowly back through the hills towards the valley of dust


Looking back the lights eek out one last hellish call


I cannot respond, I am a man of God, a man of reason


They say you cannot be hurt if you have god in your heart


Still, I don’t glide as high as I one did


Maybe it’s the cross around my neck


Maybe it’s her shoulder that I am missing.




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