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Hi guys! I am really not that good at writing, but I do enjoy writing to unwind. This particular poem was written after I had a fight with my dad. I would really appreciate it if you gave me feedback on this piece. Thanks!

On His Shoulders

May 10, 2016



Logic makes the world go round.
This is an apple
It is for eating, now stop making those sounds!
The world doesn't go round logic: Doesn't it baffle?
Grades are important yes,
“How well did you do for the test?”-
had once been the talk during dinner.
Now it’s an elephant in the room I don't want to address
Hey now you don't even let me protest
about how my friends are one of the best-
parts of my life. So how is it fair to me
if you tell me to not talk to them since I see 
them at school anyways.
Logic doesn’t bring happiness: Please listen to what I have to say!
Why fight a war?
when it brings about so much blood and gore
yet it also protects what we love.
Yes I know that I am of your blood-
but it doesn't mean that I respect you just because of that.

You are a great man, yes I know
But why make me feel so much hate for me myself and I, so
that I can stand on your shoulders to do much greater.
That is the logic I believe
But when is the last time we talked about fun?
“Like how was your day son?”
I miss when I rode on your shoulders and felt like I could be anything
But now I feel nothing

Logic makes the world go round, 
and my life without the sound;
of the father I loved.


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