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Grace Ow


Since I was young, I was a voracious reader and had a deep love of words and the way they could be used to convey meaning. I hope that my words and my stories would have a positive impact on others.

Message to Readers

Does the watch capture the essence of their relationship

End of Time

May 6, 2016

PROMPT: Icicle

She remembers Christmas, 
Kisses under the mistletoe.
She remembers the watch,
The whispers of "I love you so."
She remembers the times that they had,
The thoughts they had shared.
She remembers the letters she read,
The times she had cried.
The feeling like she was dead inside
She feels the ticking of the watch on her palm,
Counting down the seconds left,
Before they run out of time

He remembers a dark day.
The winter was cold, 
Threatening to freeze his tongue with the words he cannot say
As they faced each other for the last time
She handed him back the watch.
He feels the memory of Christmas
Stabbing his heart like paper cuts-
He almost says something.
And as she turns to leave him forever,
The watch is silent,
Its hands finally slowing down to a stop



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