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okay so I participated in this writing workshop about a river, and because I'm in a biology class currently it made me think of the human body. Do these mini poems make sense when connected with one another? should I shorten any of them? does the clam metaphor make sense? all feedback is highly appreciated :)

Cry me a river

April 12, 2016


I. rusted clay envelops milky limbs
    loosened into water like a cauldron of bubbling blood
    aqua and maroon, red and blue all at once 
    bits of foam clump like white blood cells
    carrying a piece of each person who has stepped on the filmy shores before
    through arteries of cold, velvet cream into the veins of each tree
    for now.

II. the dentist removes his hand from a trap of pearls and pink tongue, a clam
    the shell opens and says it hates fishing, hates the bugs, hates the noisy birds
    hates the muggy water and the sludgy shores
    the dentist smiles and looks at his aquarium
            so bright, so clear, so blue
    each technicolor fish darts around on cue, a rehearsed dance under florescent lights
    a computer monitor glows, the animated river on screen cheerfully murmurs a tune
    a serene spring day in a bottle, in a box, in a crystallized projection of binary numbers
    the shell comments on how beautiful this world can be 
    pays, hops in its gleaming SUV,and takes the tar river home.

III. the red cross.
     a plus. positive.
     clear tubes, shiny needles take crimson ribbons of blood
     "it is to help those who cannot find help alone."
      it leaks into plastic bags, on a plane to Africa
IV. a child sits on a riverbed, auburn mud
    slowly draining over white bone, more protein than plasma
    his arms and heart are full of new blood
    his water being spit from a paper cup
    bits of food and saliva down the swirly drain 
    in a dentist's office near a man made river


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