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The Sky's No Limit!

August 6, 2019

Can you look at the clouds and see imagined shapes? What about the stars? The moon?

What does your sky look -- or feel -- like?
Do you dream of flying across it?
What's it like at sunset?
What emotions do you experience when you look at it?

It's never just blue.

Time to get your head in the clouds! Tell us about your sky in a poem.
The sky where you live, the sky of another world, or an imagined sky. 

The stage -- sky -- is all yours and there is no limit :)



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  • Kenny

    Hey, you expressed interest in joining my reviewing club! Here's the link:


    4 months ago
  • toidi eht setuhcarap


    4 months ago
  • Quille

    Thank you! :DD

    4 months ago
  • ThePaperSamurai

    Aaahhh I love this so much!
    The way you worded it and the general theme of it are to die for!!!

    4 months ago