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Apurva is an average teen, except for her condition. This is a rather serious topic and the weaker-stomached of us must leave the room before she proceeds. It's a medical condition known as bibliophilia. Basically she's addicted to books. :) READ!

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They'll tell you life is a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs. Honestly, it's waiting for the endorphins to kick in for something you really shouldn't be happy about, but are anyway. That's the beauty of life.


April 9, 2016

Children have the ability to be youth and age, both at once. To be careless with their words, yet thoughtful with their actions. Naive to the ways of the world, they are yet wise in their understanding of life, how it should be lived, and death, how it is to be dealt with. To be brazen and bold, yet scared to be left and alone. Their actions are the essence of human nature, despite how different they are from our own. 


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