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What's Wrong with this Mirror

March 23, 2016

PROMPT: Fissure

    I have a daily routine.  
    I wake up, slither out of covers, and stare into my reflection.
    I turn my head, rustle my hair, stick out my tongue and laugh.
    This is my true form, pure, without the troubles of the day distorting my face.  
    This morning I woke up after a day of voices, a day of noises cluttering my head. 
    A day of screaming, a day of pain.
    A day of displeasure and disdain.  
    A day where shadows scream,
    And the soothing hurts
    A day I live distorted, it burns.
    I stare into my reflection
    Into my true form
    I notice a blemish
    A flicker of form.
    A crack erupts from the mirror's smooth surface
    It starts from my pupil and spreads
    A sticky, oozing substance crawls out
    And covers my face; my head
    It bubbles it screams,
    It mouths off to me
    It turns into an angry red
    I cover my face and feel blood dripping
    The world tips, and turns black.

Abigail Kremer.

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