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This is Me

May 5, 2019

I shouldn’t be feeling this. 
It’s not normal
but look at her;

The way her nose crinkles
when she smiles. 
The way her eyes turn a dark hazel
when she’s thinking. 
The way she speaks,
eloquent and opinionated. 
Her deadpan delivery of the stupidest things 
has me fallen head over heels
And the way her hair sticks anywhere but where she wants it
even if 
I help her smooth it. 

I can’t love her. 
I don’t even know 
what love is!

whatever love is,
I must be
feeling something
pretty damn close 
And it’s her fault. 

I’m okay with that. 

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  • ADM

    I love this poem!

    Color Codes has been changed to Hayes: A Life Left Behind, the first chapter of which is on my profile. If you want more, feel free to check it out (:

    9 months ago