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This is Me

By: Harlow

shouldn’t be feeling this. 
It’s not normal
but look at her;

The way her nose crinkles
when she smiles. 
The way her eyes turn a dark hazel 
when she’s thinking. 
The way she speaks,
eloquent and opinionated. 
Her deadpan delivery
of the stupidest things 
has me fallen head over heels
And the way her hair sticks anywhere but where she wants it
even if 
I help her smooth it. 

can’t love her. 
I don’t even know 
what love is!

whatever love is,
I must be
feeling something
pretty damn close 
And it’s her fault. 

I’m okay with that. 

Message to Readers

Tried to elaborate a bit. Enjoy!

Peer Review

Honestly, while I think the author was trying to deliver a message about discovering her sexuality (at least that was in the message box for other reviewers), I think everyone LGBT and straight can relate to this sort of "feeling". Personally (I think I'm straight lol but who knows) I've had multiple instances where I've just felt like I wanted to be someone else because for some reason I find them absurdly perfect after noticing all these little things about them (and this could be anyone, even a stranger). For example, "The way she speaks, eloquent and opinionated" and "The way her nose crinkles when she smiles" are such relatable lines, and they're vague enough to be applicable to a variety of different people. I think what's great about the author's voice is that she words her piece in such a way that anyone can feel as if they're in those shoes, and interpret the poem in such a way that applies to them.

Other peer reviewers wrote a change in opinion on LGBT issues or something, but personally, I'm liberal AF so this didn't change my opinion. LiVe aNd lET Live. But I do feel like this poem made me normalize my thought process. Admitably it feels pretty weird admiring a person in such a way that you love them or want to be them. As a writer, on the other hand, I would say that I'm totally in love with your minimalist descriptions. They're concise, but they still carry this depth because you've chosen them so carefully.

Reviewer Comments

This poem is the most accurate description of having a crush I have ever read. It's noticing all of these small things that allow us to fall for another person -- not just looks or lust, but rather a feeling of comfort when you're admiring the little "details". Gotta say if this is about someone real I think they would kill to read it. Literally gave me the feels.