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This is Me

By: Harlow

shouldn’t be feeling this. 
It’s not normal
but look at her. 

The way her nose crinkles
when she smiles. 
The way her eyes turn a dark hazel 
when she’s thinking. 
The way she speaks,
eloquent and opinionated. 

can’t love her. 
I don’t even know 
what love is!

whatever love is,
I must be
feeling something
pretty damn close 
And it’s her fault. 

I’m okay with that. 

Message to Readers

A little poem about my journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance when it comes to my sexuality

Peer Review

"I’m okay with that" is a very simple line that somehow bears so much strength and power in this poem's context.

It didn't necessarily change anything about my own perceptions (as I have always believed love is limitless), but the whole piece is really an insightful poem that prompts one to reflect on the unpredictability of human life and emotions.

Reviewer Comments

Very nice poem! I hope this peer review is helpful, and I am looking forward to see this lovely piece flourish!