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This is Me

By: Harlow

shouldn’t be feeling this. 
It’s not normal
but look at her. 

The way her nose crinkles
when she smiles. 
The way her eyes turn a dark hazel 
when she’s thinking. 
The way she speaks,
eloquent and opinionated. 

can’t love her. 
I don’t even know 
what love is!

whatever love is,
I must be
feeling something
pretty damn close 
And it’s her fault. 

I’m okay with that. 

Message to Readers

A little poem about my journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance when it comes to my sexuality

Peer Review

The line I most enjoyed was "eloquent and opinionated" because while the other features of the girl are well described, this line is unique to her in that the others while still specific to her are bit more generic.

This piece changed my thinking in that love is a battle of confusion for everyone. I think that in so many books and movies romance is depicted a certain "perfect" or "fail" way so it was nice to see a more realistic version that was easy to relate to.

Reviewer Comments

I really really love this piece! I was able to connect to it on personal level because I have also experienced something like this before and personally I think you described this feeling of "certain uncertainty" or whatever you want to call it about someone and yourself really nicely especially at the end when you wrote when you accept the outcome, that was done really nicely. The other thing I love about this piece is that it has a little bit of everything and by that I mean there's a bit of suspense in the beginning, imagery, and then this feeling of rooting for the narrator, and then a bit of humor at then end and then the narration ends on a high note and personally I like happy endings so that was nice for me as the reader to be left with the thought that things are going to end well for the narrator. Sorry this is so long I just really enjoyed it!