Huda Ayaz

United States of America

Fifteen // Author of five books: The Freeze-land series and Angie Moon and the Legends: The Speedster // Peer Ambassador for Spring and Fall of 2019


Changing Leaves

May 1, 2019

We are like leaves.
Green in the summer, we face the sun,
And flit with every passing wind,
Innocently yielding to every of nature’s will
With no thoughts in mind of any of them being ill.  
At first turn, though, comes a change.
With the battering whooshes and breezes that range,
Autumn brings times of storm
And trees wrought with diseases.
Ailments, though differ, inflict almost all the same—
Yellow, red, or orange, they look at themselves in shame,
Crumpling at the slightest shake of their bases
(except for the strong ones, who glance downwards with no graces).
With the second turn, even more are fallen.
Their very own homes shudder
And let go of them, crestfallen.
Already so weak, once hit they turn the other cheek.
With no prospect of being saved,
All happy memories they see depraved.
This turn they behold such a cold
That had never before overcome them.
Battered, all they can do is succumb
As sheets of white blur their sight
And darkness takes over, dark as night.
(If only they had opened their eyes and looked up,
They would’ve noticed there was still beauty in it closeup)      
Then comes the last turn,
After so much enduring.
Spirits crushed, and souls heartbroken,
The leaves don’t give so much as a glance
Until spring returns, leaving them all in a trance
Of stupor as the time has finally come
For the ice to disappear, the snow to numb.
Within themselves, they surge with life once again,
Blooming and beginning anew,
Much better than they had been when blue.  


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