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passionate dancer, storyteller, hoarder of memories.

Message to Readers

this venture is more 2 a.m musings than anything else, when you're an intolerable insomniac but love your bed. please feel free to tell me your views.


March 6, 2016

PROMPT: Icicle

why do i have to wake up?
and endure this endless pain
of a world so messed up
all running behind fruitless gain

why do i have to wake up?
to these long, tiring days
of crawling through mundane
mediocre settlements with a hazy gaze.

why do i have to wake up
to an empty bed, cold sheets
salt flavored pillows and stained make up
to walk on glass piercing my feet

why do i have to wake up?
to gloom and subdued fire?
one slow step forward, two back
to meet an old friend at my funeral pyre

why do i have to wake up?
to meaningless cravings
to drink an empty cup
and swallow the rocks of serile savings?

why do i ave to wake up?
to be pulled back into emptyness again
to live in the dull grey mup
and then go back to comfort, friendly terrain.


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