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I actually like this a lot! It's written as something of a conversation between a mother and a young child during WWII (which I didn't decide until after I wrote it. XD). Enjoy! :D

It Will All Turn Out Okay #SomethingIsComing

February 21, 2019


But why?
There is
no threat.

There is though.
I can't explain.
You must go.
Go over there.

Go over where? There?
I can't fit there.
You know by now
that I'm too big.

Oh, for Pete's sake. Go!
Go hide behind the curtain.
It's good enough for now.
Hurry, you don't have long.

What is going on? I'm confused.
Can't you see my wet cheeks?
This is very far from normal.
I'm too young to endure it.

I know, my sweet. But you must.
I'm scared too, just as you are.
Let me hold you to assure you
that it will all turn out okay.
North of Beautiful


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Did you catch my formatting? Tell me in the comment if you think you get it :)

    11 months ago