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I'm an aspiring novelist with a passion for free verse and epic fantasy (and occasionally being over-dramatic).
INFP ~ TCK ~ Enneagram 4 ~ reader of many things
been here since about 7.26.2017

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~ to bring someone a smile ~

and this is the part when I say eureka

March 9, 2019


I think I may have just remembered
that sometimes,
no, sometimes,
is meaningful simply because it means
nothing, or
at least very little.
I have tried for so long to be
serious, and write something
put words together in a way that will echo unforgotten
in someone else's mind but these
aspirations are vague and
far too philosophical to mean
much more than patterns found in
tree branches.
am a simple poet,
writing simple poems,
and I think we will all be better off
if I give up trying to reimagine stars
and go back to simply
pointing them out,
with a smile and a little laugh,
as if to say—
my smile mischevious now—


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