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Cracks Must be Painful

February 23, 2016

PROMPT: Fissure

Anaya Jordan

                                                            Cracks Must be Painful:

Most cracks are on the streets and sidewalks
But mines are in my heart and soul 
Cracks can break you or make you 
Hearts are like cracks
Once someone walk all over you it breaks more

Cracks must really be painful
Human cracks are super painful 
We only make it worst by not talking about it
But street cracks can be fixed easier than heart cracks
My heart cracks will never be fixed

Lets think about it for real though
Cracks can make you better
As soon as someone hurt you, you become must stronger 
In your heart and soul you'll be a better person
Not all the time does this happen

Most of the times humans let their crack hearts run their love life 


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