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Write the world   icicle prompt


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Write a poem in which an object is integral to capturing the heart of a memory. For example, in his poem below about regret, David Huddle uses the icicle as both an act of violence and an act of generosity.


I smacked you in the mouth for no good reason
except that the icicle had broken off
so easily and that it felt like a club
in my hand, and so I swung it, the soft
pad of your lower lip sprouting a drop,
then gushing a trail onto the snow even
through we both squeezed the place with our fingers.
I'd give a lot not to be the swinger 
of that icicle. I'd like another
morning just like that, cold windy, and bright
as Russia, your glasses fogging up, your face
turning to me again . I tell you I might
help both our lives by changing that act to this,
by handing you the ice, a gift, my brother.

~ David Huddle

Guiding Ideas
  • Sensory Details: Draw the reader into the poem with sound, smell, etc. ("cold windy, and bright /as Russia")
  • Imagery: Let the reader see the poem! ("the soft / pad of your lower lip sprouting a drop, / then gushing a trail onto the snow") 
  • Subject: Don't know what to write about? Borrow the topic from Huddle's poem: regret.