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Hiker's Haiku

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An intricate spiderweb. The veins of a fallen leaf. Ripples rendered by a water-strider on a lake’s surface. Nature has so many small but stunning details, dear writers!
For this prompt, we invite you to honor nature’s beauty through your own “small but stunning” poem—a haiku! Check out this example, “Koi,” from poet Jennifer Wong:
“Among heart-shaped leaves
the white fish gleams, red tail.
Soft lotuses sleep.”

A haiku is a three-line poem in which the first and last lines contain five syllables, and the middle line contains seven:
First Line: 5 syllables
Second Line: 7 syllables
Third Line: 5 syllables
It is the poetic version of a polaroid picture—a snapped moment. Whether on a city street, a shoreline, or the thick of the woods, the natural world is always unfolding around us—sometimes at a rumble, sometimes a whisper.

Tell us what you hear—in haiku form!