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Write the world   if objects could speak prompt

If Objects Could Speak

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“Sermon in the Kitchen”—a poem by London-based poet Wessie du Toit—begins like this:
The morning held up its mirror and said, Wake up. Your sink and spoons
are dancing with light.
Your veil is waiting.
Your day is waiting to be untied.
And the morning said, C’mon sleepy head, we had a deal.
Close Facebook. Close Snapchat. Remember how it felt to be useful.
And the morning said, Stop chasing status. Stop chasing status.
Do as you’ve been meaning to do.
Dear poets, what would the objects in your own life say to you? What reminders would they gently deliver, or fiercely proclaim? Would they compliment you? Chastise you? Speak to one another in whispers? Sing a chorus of praise? 
In a poem of your own, give voice to the inanimate objects most familiar to you, as Peer Ambassadors lina13 and Angelina Nguyen do in these fantastic takes on a difficult prompt.