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Emotion without Feeling

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Have you ever felt overcome with joy, dear poets? How about envy? How about empathy?
When you were feeling these emotions, how did you know? Did your cheeks burn? Did your stomach sink? Did your heart beat faster?
For this prompt, your task is to pick an emotion—love, anger, fear, etc.—and write a one-line description using sight, smell, sound, and taste ONLY. You are not allowed to write about what your chosen emotion “feels like”. Instead, consider what cues your other senses give you when you feel this emotion. For example:
Fear looks like spiders and smells like disinfectant.
Love sounds like laughter and the popping of bubble wrap.
Remember: sight, sound, taste, and smell.
Ready, set, GO!
Thank you to PureHeart for the original inspiration for this prompt. If you’d like to share your own prompt idea for the Poets & Wordsmiths group, you can do so here.